Clear retainer

Retainers for Any Lifestyle

Retainers help preserve and maintain the positioning of your teeth after completion of your orthodontic treatment. It may take a while for your jaw bone and gums to get used to the new position of your teeth, therefore it is essential that you continue to wear the retainer for the amount of time we recommend; if you stop using your retainer too early, your teeth may begin to revert back to their former positions.

Removable Retainers

Removable retainers are a popular way to hold teeth in place. A removable retainer makes it simple to take the retainer out according to your schedule, so no matter if you need to floss or are about to eat, you can easily remove them when necessary.


Permanent Retainers

Permanent retainers solve the problem of losing or forgetting to wear your retainer. Once the permanent retainer is placed in your mouth, you will never have to worry about removing them and placing them back in again. We are happy to show you effective ways to practice healthy flossing and regular dental care around your permanent retainer!

The type of retainer that is best for you will depend on your preference as well as your case; Dr. Johnson will help you choose the right option so that you can keep a healthy, straight smile for a lifetime!


How to Take Care of Your Retainer

Make sure that you remove your temporary retainer any time you eat or practice dental hygiene such as brushing your teeth. It’s also important that you keep your retainer clean to keep it in good condition and prevent the buildup of bacteria; you should clean your retainer every night as directed by Dr. Johnson. In addition, if you wear a temporary retainer during the day, make sure you rinse it with warm water before and after taking it out of your mouth.