How much do Braces and Invisalign Cost?

The cost of treatment is determined by lots of factors, including how extensive your corrections will be, how long treatment will take and all of the individualized details that will go into your customized treatment plan. We do feel being transparent with the costs of treatment in our office is important, but please note that it will take a complimentary consultation with Dr Johnson in order to determine what cost category your treatment will fall into.

There is no difference in cost between braces or Invisalign in our office. We want patients to pick the best treatment option for them and not have cost deter them from their best path.

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Braces and Invisalign costs in our office:

Customized Treatment Options Cost
Comprehensive/Full Treatment
*The average tx plan is around 12-18 months depending on how involved the movements are.
$5,900 – $6,400
*This is for cases that are in-between 6-9 months of treatment. The movements and correction
are not as involved and this is our “middle-of-the-road” option.
$4,000 – $4,750
Limited Treatment
*We like to have an option for patients that need small movements with specific teeth
$500 – $2,500

Retainer Costs in our office:

Item Cost
Clear “night-time” retainer $150 per retainer
Fixed “permanent” retainer $250 per retainer

We offer 0% Financing!

We allow you to split up the treatment cost with monthly payments. Depending on the customized plan, we offer up to 24-36 months with ZERO interest.

Down Payments as low as $500 for any of the above options

*We accept all major insurances. We are out of network with most insurances, but with orthodontics it works a little different and 99% of our patients get their full benefit. We will help you look up your insurance to make sure you understand your benefit.